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Why would I need a Professional IT Server Move Company?

Published on 07 October 2019

Why would I need a Professional IT Server Move Company?

Years ago many business owners were happy to set up their business in one location with a plan to never move or relocate their business.

This also meant that they could safely build their data centre and IT infrastructure without ever thinking that they would need to move to a different location.

However, with technology advancing at such a fast pace and the economic climate dictating how owners run their businesses, many organisations will need to relocate at some point to larger or smaller premises, or to be nearer major transport hubs, or to be closer to good sources of local employment.

Business market forecasters now predict that most businesses will need to relocate between 3 to 5 times as their business grows and adapts. This means that your management team needs to create a plan for the successful relocation of your data centre and employ the right server move company to help you. 


Restore Technology data centre moves

Most businesses will believe that relocating their data centre is something that their own in-house staff can do. However, performing a move such as this is no easy task! 

Experienced data centre movers such as Restore Technology have years of expert training and in-depth knowledge about moving sensitive IT equipment and understand just how critical your data centre is to your business.

The chances are that your own in-house IT staff have never been called upon to perform a server move before, so it makes sense to call us in to work hand-in-hand with your IT staff to make sure your move goes safely, smoothly and to plan.

Minimum downtime

You know that you cannot afford for your business to be offline for too long. Working with Restore Technology will mean that we can help to greatly reduce your company downtime and keep disruption to a minimum.

When you are moving business premises you need to be able to keep your performance levels up before, during and after your move.

By choosing to work closely with us as your relocation partner, you will know that you have chosen a company that has experienced first-hand all of the small intricacies that happen during a server relocation.

We can help you to plan ahead and include those elements of your move that you may not have thought about and avoid making the mistakes that can make the difference between your move being smooth and seamless or a potential nightmare.

Careful planning schedule

Very careful and detailed planning is critical for your business when you are planning to relocate your data centre and servers. You also need a well-structured and coordinated team involving both your own IT staff and your professional server move company.

Restore Technology can help you with your planning regardless of whether you plan to relocate your whole company to new premises that could be miles away, or you are planning on an in-house IT refresh or consolidation.

Data centre relocation planning documentation

Absolutely nothing is left to chance with Restore Technology. We plan everything meticulously down to the very last detail. This includes creating documentation that provides a detailed overview of your planned move.

We take comprehensive notes of everything including: 

·         Application dependencies

·         Detailed diagrams of everything currently in use

·         Hardware

·         Inventory lists

·         Software

·         Support processes and interactions

·         Wiring

Our full audit of your server equipment will give you the opportunity to determine what should be retained and what should be replaced, especially where you have frayed wiring or perished connections that have become unstable.

Taking a detailed look at your current server system will also give you a clear vision of where you stand right now and give you an insight into where you want to advance from here.

This means that you may want to budget for a complete overhaul of your servers once you have moved or set up a contingency plan for disaster recovery should anything go wrong. 


Early intervention can save you time and money 

It is always wise to bring our services on board as early as possible so that we have plenty of time to plan and execute your move. There is always a lot to do from live equipment decommissions to careful labelling and placing in protective packaging even before your moving day has arrived!

If you are carrying some quite old IT infrastructure and server equipment, we can perform an equipment appraisal to establish whether or not your fragile equipment can be safely decommissioned and moved, or whether you may need to look at replacing certain components or elements of your equipment that may be in bad shape.


On-site and in-transit coordination

Restore Technology can do more for you than simply decommissioning your servers and performing a secure relocation and recommissioning of your equipment.

We can also perform an in-depth audit of your IT assets and equipment in advance of your move that will allow you to get rid of any old, broken or obsolete IT assets that you don't want to take with you to your new premises.

Our comprehensive services offered under the Restore group means that we can take away your spent IT assets and either securely process them for remarketing in the circular economy, or break them down for 100% environmentally friendly recycling.

This means that you will only need to move the IT assets that you need to your new business location but will be helping your carbon footprint by keeping all of your waste IT products out of the landfill.


How does our service work? 

Pre-move actions: We will work with you ahead of your server move and perform essential preparation such as auditing your assets, creating an in-depth inventory, the backing up and powering down of your equipment before labelling and carefully packaging your equipment in secure, purpose-made packing cases.

We keep a careful inventory and record of everything that is decommissioned, labelled and packed so that you will know where everything is at all times. No lost pieces of equipment or odd boxes of cables and racks left over after your move that doesn't have a home!

Moving day actions: We will carefully transfer all of your securely packed equipment into our GPS tracked moving vehicles for their safe transport to your new destination.

We will carefully plan the best route to take to your new business premises to avoid any road-bumps along the way that can harm your delicate server equipment during transit.

Once our vehicles have arrived at your new premises, we will carefully check everything as the packing crates are taken off the vehicle to make sure nothing is missing and nothing has sustained any damage in transit.

Recommissioning actions: We will carefully move your equipment into the building to their new data centre location where we will unpack and check everything as it comes out of the packing crates.

Your equipment will then go through a detailed recommissioning and re-racking process where we make sure that every piece of equipment is reassembled exactly as it was originally.

 We will check that everything is fully operational before signing off our service to you. 


Choose a dependable server move company

So you can see from the information presented so far that server and data centre moves and refreshes are difficult processes to get right, even if you have very talented in-house IT staff.

There are too many risks concerned with equipment failures and data loss for you to rely on your own staff to perform such a major and critical move.

We would recommend that you choose to work with a professional server move company such as Restore Technology to help minimise any risks.

Working with Restore Technology will give you the peace of mind you need because not only do we have a wealth of experience in data centre moves, but our moving staff are highly trained and experienced.

Our team understand what a delicate operation a server move is and how you need the absolute minimum disruption to your business while your server move is going on.


Restore Technology have got your back

Protecting your company from potential risks is our main priority. We don't want you to face issues that need you to enact your disaster recovery plan. Working with us will help you to meet your strategic objectives as smoothly as possible.

 It may seem obvious, but hiring our experienced team will give you a sufficient number of people that can actually perform your move as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our team are logistics specialists that can identify, pack, relocate, unpack, and set up your server centre to deliver you a seamless service with minimum downtime for your system. 

Never underestimate the complexity of a server move. We have skilled staff that will understand your software and working environment.

We take every detail into consideration 

When you are planning a server move there is so much to take into consideration that leaving the finer details to your in-house staff may not be the best idea.

Our team of expert server move specialists will consider everything right down to the finest details including, wiring, available space, air circulation and cooling capacity (with today's high-speed processors, proper cooling is essential) at your intended destination.

Although moving to new business premises offers the owner and management team an exciting prospect of improved services and accessibility, not a lot of in-depth thought is put into the company server move and the implications to the business should things go wrong.

While most businesses will have implemented upgrades and expansions to their software and servers slowly over time, the risks posed by a physical relocation of such fragile and sensitive equipment needs proper planning and careful handling by people that know what they are doing.


Working towards a seamless transition

Partnering up with Restore Technology will mean that the correct level of server relocation planning and execution is put in place.

You will need to rely heavily on the skills and knowledge of our professional team of movers that will work closely with your own IT staff to perform a completely seamless move to your new location with the minimum of downtime possible.

The key to your successful data centre move relocation project is choosing the right team to work with. Restore Technology is that team.

Most business owners do not have a member of staff that has in-depth knowledge of what unique challenges are faced with a data centre move. By selecting us to work with, we will be able to coordinate our team with your IT support staff to make sure you get a successful relocation project.

Contact Restore Technology today

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you need more information about your server move. Our expert staff can handle these moves with ease and will deliver you with a smooth and seamless service with the absolute minimum of downtime for your company.