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IT Asset Tracking Systems Used by Restore Technology

Published on 22 January 2020

IT Asset Tracking Systems Used by Restore Technology

One of the most common questions our clients ask us is how on earth do we manage to keep track of all the assets we manage? As one of the largest Records Storage and Asset Management companies in the UK, we handle many hundreds of thousands of confidential records, archived files, and extremely rare and precious irreplaceable works of art and museum pieces.


The simple answer is that Restore Technology, as well as the other services that we offer under the Restore group, uses sophisticated IT asset tracking systems that have been specifically engineered to be fit for purpose to meet the needs and requirements of each individual service.


Keeping track of your assets in a chaotic world


When you stop to think about all of your physical company IT assets, you may quickly lose count of exactly how many you have. It can be easy for a busy business owner or manager to forget about the IT equipment that the company relies on to function day in and day out.


This is why it is important to keep on top of your IT asset tracking to ensure good asset management and avoid any unnecessary and frustrating downtime caused by issues with your IT equipment or software that could have been easily avoided.


In these days of digital technology being used to manage more and more business processing systems, keeping track of your IT assets is just as important as managing your business inventory and cash flow.


Many business owners and managers have a lot of work to do that take their time, focus and priority. However, many managers fail to realise that they need to know the exact location, status, maintenance schedule, and other important information about their company IT assets.


Remember that tracking your business IT assets is very important because your company has to remain in full compliance with all current government legislation concerning data protection and GDPR. At the end of the day, you are responsible for ensuring your company meets with its responsibilities or you will face severe penalties should your company be found lacking.


What is IT Asset Tracking?


If you are not very familiar with the term 'Asset Tracking' then we are happy to explain the basics for you.


Asset tracking is the process of looking after and keeping track of your company's many physical or digital assets that you trust in our care. This will mean keeping a record of your assets location, status, significant dates, and a record of every movement made, etc.


An 'Asset' can be anything that your company holds in value, so depending on your type of business your company assets may be physical in nature and mean such things as your IT equipment and devices.


For example, during a business relocation or a server move, Restore Technology offers an IT Relocation Service where we would audit and catalogue every piece of your IT and server equipment. Your IT assets would then be securely recorded and tracked on it's journey to your new location.


Our IT auditing, cataloguing and asset tracking means that not one single piece of your IT equipment will go missing or be unaccounted for.


Why do we need IT asset tracking?


The whole point of having IT asset tracking in place is simple – it is to help everyone to save themselves a lot of time and money during times of great upheaval, such as during a major business relocation.


The tracking systems that Restore Technology uses can give you very detailed information, such as who uses what device or how IT workstations should be reassembled to be identical to how they were before your relocation.


This means that all critical pieces of IT equipment can be dismantled and reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle with the exact same pieces needed for proper functionality. This can help greatly for your IT maintenance and recalibration, especially if you are combining your office relocation with some much needed IT upgrades with new IT assets being introduced.


We can keep track of the 'who, what, when and where' of your IT assets to ensure that your business or server relocation goes as smoothly as possible.


IT asset tracking for business


Restore Technology uses IT Asset Tracking for more than just business, server and data-centre relocations. There are a lot of businesses that can benefit greatly from using our asset tracking systems, but how you use it will depend on the business sector you work in.


With Restore Technology's IT asset management services, you can get us to perform a full audit of your entire IT infrastructure. This will then give you a greater insight into what IT assets you own and other important information, such as the age and condition of your assets so you will have a better idea about when it would be the right time to replace or update critical IT assets.


If you prefer, you can put the management of your IT assets into our hands. Using our custom-built IT asset management system, we will be able to track and monitor your IT assets and identify and alert you to any security issues.


What is asset tracking software?


For many years businesses used to track assets manually with pen and paper. Then they would use Excel sheets once computers entered the workplace. However, with the advancement of modern technology and advantages offered by asset tracking software, keeping track of everything has now become much more simple and streamlined.


Asset tracking software is a type of computer software that enables us to track the movement of your IT assets and devices, critical pieces of equipment and essential software within an IT infrastructure.


Basically, asset tracking software allows us to create an inventory of all our client's technology that builds a segment of their internal IT infrastructure and environment. We will be able to track each piece of IT equipment and know it's exact location at all times.


What does it mean for my business?


Because Restore Technology will be able to keep track of the movement and the lifespan of each individual IT asset in your network, it means that you won't have to!


There are many 'lean businesses' operating these days that operate with only the bare-bones needed for the business to work. This means that they won't necessarily have an internal IT administrative team looking after the company's IT infrastructure.


Instead, many businesses find it more cost-effective to outsource their IT asset tracking and management to companies such as Restore Technology to manage on their behalf. This not only saves the company a lot of money by always having an up to date deep insight into the movement of their entire IT infrastructure, but it also means that any internal IT issues and problems that could disrupt the day-to-day operations of the company can be quickly discovered and resolved.


What does IT asset tracking cover?


IT asset tracking services will use asset tracking software to scan your entire IT infrastructure network and create an inventory of all your registered IT assets.  The service will then use your detailed IT inventory to track and maintain records covering:


·         Cloud assets

·         Computer devices

·         Computer software

·         IT asset documentation

·         Network configuration


Should there be any changes in your IT infrastructure, then these changes are recorded. Changes can be to do with any of the following examples:


·         A Device is removed from the network due to being replaced or becoming obsolete

·         A physical move of a device to a different location

·         IP address change

·         New software installation or uninstallation

·         Software license expiration dates being reached


Restore Technology IT Asset Tracking and Management


Because our team at Restore Technology strives to provide the highest level of service to our clients, we have invested a lot of time and research into developing our bespoke asset management systems. This includes our state-of-the-art 'Streams®' customer service portal.


This platform enables all of our clients to manage every aspect of our interaction with you, from checking on the status of your assets being managed by us to accessing valuable information about how by using our services your company are meeting with your Data protection compliance.


By using Streams®, your company will be able to remove your regulatory and corporate risk concerning the Data Protection Act. You will be able to access full and detailed documentation, reports and official certificates whenever we undertake a service for you.


Not only do we email you a copy of our service undertakings, but you will be able to access backup copies via your Streams® online customer portal, so if you need another copy of a Certificate of Destruction to show your chain of custody and compliance with the Data Protection Act for auditing purposes, you will be able to get a copy of any of your inventory information and compliance certificates.


You can be sure that you will have verifiable proof of the work you have had carried out through Restore Technology or other Restore business services to remove any regulatory and corporation risks.


Is there a difference between asset tracking and asset management?


Asset tracking and asset management are often terms that are used interchangeably. Both solutions are often used together to help improve efficiency and optimise management systems. There are differences between the two terms though, for example:


The term 'assets' refers to the things that your company owns. Your asset inventory and management is to do with what equipment you use and how you use it.


Asset tracking is more focused on where you keep your physical assets of value such as your tools, machines, equipment etc. and keeping a record of their lifespan from original purchase through to their end of useful life disposal.


You can track your IT assets and jobs in real-time


Using our Streams® customer portal you will be able to track paths for each unit, making sure you have a documented record of the lifespan of your IT assets, including events such as data sanitisation and preparation for final disposition.


Your IT assets can be tracked to their end of useful life destination, whether that be through redeployment, re-marketing, recycling, donation, lease returns, OEM trade-ins etc.


You will be able to download a wide number of management reports that will be useful for your business, including:


• Automated reports directed to specific contacts initiated by event or time-period

• On-demand reporting accessible by nominated employees in Streams® web-portal

• A.P.I. interfaces allowing our clients to securely draw data directly into its own systems


Dovetail file asset tracking


The Restore group of services also use a cutting-edge file asset tracking in the form of Dovetail, which is our bespoke on-site file and asset tracking software.


Dovetail gives you real-time and historical information about the tracking and management of all of your local and stored data with us. Our file asset tracking system is very flexible and we can perfectly tailor the system to suit your particular needs because we know that no two businesses operate in exactly the same way.


Dovetail can track every physical file and piece of information, no matter where you keep it. This helps you to cut down on the time spent locating and retrieving the information that you need.


The Dovetail system perfectly integrates well with our other bespoke management software systems that we use, such as O’Neils, eView and DocuWare.


The main benefits of using Restore Technology IT asset tracking


There are numerous benefits to using a modern IT asset tracking and management service such as the one offered by Restore Technology.


IT asset tracking can contribute greatly to your company's bottom line because the system saves you a lot of time and money that can be better spent elsewhere within your business. Our tracking services are a very effective asset management process that helps to improve efficiency and can cut costs.


·         You will be able to quickly and easily locate your IT assets in real-time

·         Our cutting-edge technology will track your assets using fewer resources

·         Your business will have much reduced administrative costs

·         Tracking allows you to reduce your asset loss and prevent potential data breaches

·         You can prove your accountability for data protection compliance

·         Track your IT assets to their new location following a relocation

·         Improve your workplace layout and organisation by identifying IT assets that can be grouped together for shared use


If you need any more information about Restore Technology IT asset tracking and management services, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!