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Thinking out loud

Published on 30 March 2020

Thinking out loud

Do I write a serious piece full of statistics and advice? No, that would be out of date within a day. Is it appropriate to write a couple of paragraphs about the beginning of British Summer Time? Hmmmm.

I had a good long think and felt that the purpose of these blogs – as I see it – is to amuse and direct readers towards relevant areas of the Restore website. So, I will be carrying on with quirky blogs for as long as they are required.

Restore is open for business, naturally operating within, and adapting to, all Government guidelines as they evolve. The fight against COVID-19 will be based on vast quantities of scientific and social data, which will all need to be stored safely whether in paper or digital format. If you need any advice, our friendly, knowledgeable people are currently based at home but still available by email or on 0333 060 6824.

Keep well.