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A message from Restore Datashred's MD, Duncan Gooding


Ducan-linkedinWe are facing unknown and untested times across the UK, but also across the globe.

Restore Datashred has been declared a critical services business by the Government. This recognises the services we provide to many organisations involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects the recycled paper we produce. This paper is manufactured into hygiene products used in hospitals and the medical services industry. We are dedicated to maintaining services to both critical organisations and everyday businesses. 

Both streams of work feed into our "critical services" status. Our work supporting medical services and the NHS is critical during this time. However, servicing our day to day customers allows us to maintain a volume of recycled paper into the mills. Which in turn produce the hygiene products required.

However, like many other businesses, Restore Datashred is reviewing the impact that COVID-19 is having on our operations.  Our business is built on regularly servicing our customers at their premises.  COVID-19 has caused some of our customer sites to close.  Which in turn disrupts our schedules. Many of our customers that remain open have asked their employees to work from home. This has meant that often there is little confidential material for us to collect.  Also, our workforce is being impacted by the virus and this creates further challenges for us to maintain our services.

Therefore, we are undertaking a thorough review of all our scheduled collections. We will be re-routing them where applicable. We have instigated best practices with our drivers assisting them to maintain social segregation. This means we are temporarily no longer operating two-person crews. Some large-volume collections may take longer to complete. We will have a reduced Sales and Account Management presence. You will still be able to contact us if you have any queries or want to schedule extra collections. Our Customer Service and Finance teams are also working, albeit with reduced numbers. So it may take a little longer for calls to be answered, especially as these teams are now working from home. 

All the changes are being implemented in-line with the Government Job Retention Scheme. This means that once demand increases we can bring back our colleagues. allowing us to scale to meet our customers’ requirements.

We are taking these actions to ensure Restore Datashred will be in the best position to support you in the future.  Your custom means a lot to us and we apologise if this impacts your organisation. We hope you understand that these are necessary steps to protect our organisation and our hard-working team. We are still operational and will continue to respond to your emails and calls. But please bear with us if we are a little slower than normal. We understand that you may be facing challenges too, and extend our support to all our customers in these unusual times. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above points further then please call our customer service team on 0330 053 8541