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Will you survive Insurance's digital revolution?
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Will you survive Insurance's digital revolution?

robotic process automationThe digital revolution has arrived for the insurance sector and it’s offering it a challenge - keep up with customers’ expectations or miss out to new, innovative competitors.

New technology has already revolutionised the online travel, retail and banking industries, forever changing the way customers expect to be engaged with, and that has huge implications for insurance agents and brokers.

A new generation of customers is upon them. These customers are tech-savvy and they demand speed, efficiency and convenience. In fact, they are already turning their backs on more traditional insurance organisations in favour of more innovative, agile ones coming into the market.

What can insurers do?

They need a streamlined, digitised service that is more user-friendly and flexible, suiting its modern customer.

Restore Scan provides seamless, intelligent solutions that can help insurers grow, slotting into existing infrastructure or creating a bespoke package from scratch - whatever suits your business.

Digitise your workflow

Workflow solutions, or ‘digital mailrooms’, automatically route each one of your emails, attachments or paper-based files to the right part of the business, ensuring they are processed quickly and accurately - reducing delays, improving customer service and saving costs.

Look after your data 

Data is everything in the insurance industry and, whatever their approach, businesses must find solutions that are designed to provide secure, reliable and efficient data management that will improve customer satisfaction. Restore Scan can look after everything from secure data storage and archiving to shredding, allowing you lower administration costs, a reduced risk of error and fast data retrieval.

Live the paperless dream 

Bespoke scanning services from specialist suppliers allow businesses to get that step closer to the ultimate paperless office without having to figure it out for themselves! Building on the latest automated document scanning technology, digital filing systems can be created, quickly increasing efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

Modern storage 

Secure hosted cloud services provide a cost-effective, modern alternative for storing and searching your electronic documents. Reducing the burden on the IT team, there’s no need to purchase server space, solve technical issues or back-up files and everything can be accessed remotely.

Get support

All of our support engineers are professionals, trained to the highest standard, who pride themselves on quick response times and support at times to suit your business.

…..The technology revolution is here. Will you meet its expectations?

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