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Why Businesses Need Professional Shredding Companies


Many UK businesses are in dire need of help from professional shredding companies such as Restore Datashred. Even the best intention of having a paper-free office can often see a slow build up of paperwork and important documentation over the years.

It is important that business owners get rid of their old paper-based documentation without risking data breaches and identity theft. There are many forms of sensitive and valuable information printed on paper, and you don't want to increase the risks of this falling into the wrong hands.

When looking for a secure way to dispose of your unwanted paperwork, here are some handy tips about what to look for when considering different shredding companies:

Look for a company that offers a reliable paper shredding service

Restore can supply your company with lockable, secure confidential waste bins where you can safely dispose of your sensitive paperwork. Leaving your documents exposed in an open recycling bin is an obvious risk because anyone can pick up valuable sensitive data and misuse it.

Check how your data is handled

If you are worried about data theft, then you can arrange for Restore Datashred to come to your business premises to carry out secure on-site shredding for you. This means that your confidential waste will not leave your premises intact and there will be no risk of it being lost in transit or being stolen en-route to a disposal site.

If you don't have the room to accommodate our on-site shredding services, then you can trust Restore to safely remove and securely transport your confidential waste to our off-site secure destruction plant. Your paperwork remains locked up in your secure waste collection bins right up until they are opened and emptied directly into our industrial shredding machines. At no point will your paperwork be left unattended, and your secure bins are transported in our fully-guarded and constantly tracked vehicles.

When we come to collect your confidential waste bins, we will make an appointment with you beforehand so you know to expect us. Our pick-up security team will be wearing our company uniform and will carry identification to prove who they are.

Complete destruction of your documentation

Once your confidential paperwork has been shredded beyond all recognition, we will safely recycle the shredded remnants still further into something useful. At Restore, we care about the environment and believe in recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. We don't like to produce waste products where it can be re-used in some beneficial way.

Certificate of Destruction

Because Restore is a company that does a complete job of shredding your business confidential waste, we offer you our guarantee of secure destruction by issuing you with a Certificate of Destruction once the job is complete. A Certificate of Destruction is an important document for you to keep for your company records. This certificate acts as an audit for your company paper trail. It not only acts as proof that you have securely disposed of a piece of documentation, it also keeps you in line with the current UK Data Protection Acts and ISO 27001/17799.

Your Certificate of Destruction will detail the time and date of the destruction, as well as list the names of the company employees who witnessed the destruction of your documentation.

If you are in need of a shredding company, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!