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What's the return on investment for IT Disposal?

You have some IT equipment and you need to clean it and recycle or resell it. How do you go about it, and what is the expected return on investment? 

Selling your old and redundant business devices on ebay or similar can be costly in more ways than one. 

Firstly, are you sure you have wiped every scrap of data? The cost of not doing this to a business is unmeasurable, imagine what could get into the hands of someone else? 

Secondly, are you getting the right price? 

We sell IT hardware wholesale on the internet, providing the maximum possible financial return for your redundant business IT equipment. 

We manage and control sales using our experience and connections to ensure the largest possible return for our customers. With an online equipment tracking system and open book accounting, you can follow every step of the operation. 

Return on investment We always sell wiped and refurbished business IT equipment for the highest possible return and can achieve up to 50% higher values than some other recycling companies. 

Want to find out more about your return on invest for your IT disposal? Contact us today on 0844 725 5540 or visit our website to learn more about our IT hardware resale services.