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Using Off-site Records Storage to Improve Your Bottom Line


No matter what business you are in, your company will be generating records and files in one form or another. You are required by law to keep accurate company records for HMRC and Companies House, so there is no way of getting around it.

You are also required by the data protection act 1998 to keep all personal and sensitive data safe and secure. As part of your regulatory obligation to keep your business data secure and meeting with your compliance, you can choose to store your business documentation on your premises, or off-site at a secure records storage location.

Many small businesses have very little records management experience. This can often result in the careless or inappropriate storage of company data. While you may believe it will save you money to store all of your company files and documentation in-house, your compliance issues may end up costing you a lot of money in the long-run, especially if you suffer from theft, vandalism or a devastating fire outbreak.

Data protection compliance

As a business owner, you are expected to keep up to date with any changes in regulations, or face suffering a financial penalty for non-compliance. This is why your business can really benefit from an off-site records storage facility to take care of your company documentation. You could actually find yourself saving money by doing this because you will not need to rent extra in-house storage space to house your files and archives.

Space saving and money saving

Many companies pay out a lot of money on office rent as well as internal staff and technology to manage their company records. How would it feel to be able to free-up valuable floor space that is currently being taken over by filing cabinets and storage cupboards to use for other purposes? You may be considering a move to larger and more expensive premises because you have outgrown your current offices. Would you need to do this if you could free-up more office space for extra staff by moving your business records and files off-site?

Secure records storage can save you money

You can actually improve your bottom line by working with a records management company such as Restore.

Think twice before you decide to raise your prices to cover extra costs such as moving to larger business premises. Instead, consult with Restore to come up with the perfect records storage solution that would suit you and your business needs. You may be very surprised at how much money you can save by using our secure off-site records storage facilities.

Losing your crucial company data to a natural disaster such as a flood, or suffering a devastating fire at your business premises can be very difficult to recover from. Theft is another big risk that you need to consider. Should you lose personal data during a burglary, then you could face serious consequences if you were found liable for the loss through insecure storage of sensitive data. Let alone any negative publicity as a result of a break-in where you may lose trust in your clients eyes.

Putting your trust into a professional records storage provider such as Restore will keep your confidential data safe and secure, and will most certainly help you to keep costs down to improve your bottom line.

If you are ready to consider off-site records storage, then contact us at Restore and we will be happy to discuss your unique storage needs and requirements.