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Trust Us And Our Heritage Storage Service

Do you have important or priceless collections that you want to store in a safe, secure and specially designed and monitored storage facility? Restore’s heritage storage service may be the option you are looking for. Our secure storage facilities are able to meet the specific requirements of your collections.

Restore are part of the National Conservation Service (NCS) Collaborative Heritage Storage Scheme. The goal of this unique service is supporting heritage organisations to have high quality storage space for heritage collections, as well ensuring that the space is sustainable and available at a low cost.

Our heritage storage facilities are located in hardened aircraft shelters from the cold war. They are located in Oxfordshire and are surrounded by tight and stringent security measures which can give you the peace of mind that the premises are secure and safe.

Why Choose Restore For Heritage Storage?

If you are interested in securely storing your heritage collections, then you may ask yourself, why choose Restore for the job? 

  • Our storage facilities are located in a central location which means that you can access your collection with ease, and we have a high levels and standards of security all around our facilities.
  • Our storage areas are able to withstand bombs, floods and fire. They are also damp-free and pest-free.
  • The buildings are monitored by National Conservation Service and therefore they are PD5454 compliant. 
  • These facilities offer a green solution for long-term heritage storage because of their low carbon footprint. 
  • We also ensure we actively manage collections with our onsite atmospherically controlled suites.
If you are interested in finding out more about heritage storage with Restore and how we can securely store your heritage collections, contact Restore on: 07792732708 you can also get a quote for our heritage storage service by filling out our form.