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Take Back Control Of Your Office Space With Offsite Storage

Are there documents that you know you will always need to have in its hard copy form, but you can’t find a place to store them? Is your workplace filled to the brim with filing cabinets and boxes of folders that you just can’t seem to clear away? You may benefit from using an offsite storage service. Restore are a document management company that can provide you with an offsite storage service for your paperwork.

Our Offsite Storage

With our offsite storage option our customers can choose to store their documents in our secure and dedicated nationwide facilities. With this service, Restore understands that you are looking for somewhere you can safely store the important paperwork from your business but that you also want to have access to them when the situation arises. In order to support this need, our clients are able to request the delivery of the documents they require either over the phone, through email or online and can expect them to be delivered within a number of hours.

Included as part of ordering your documents is the opportunity to track the progress from our facility to your premises so you can be aware of its location throughout.

There may come a time when the documents we store for you, do lose their relevance and are replaced with more up to date information, and if this is the case then Restore also offer to destroy them permanently or to move them into deep storage as part of their offsite storage services.

If you would like more information about the offsite storage services we provide, or about our scanning or shredding services, contact Restore on: 0333 220 6761.