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Secure Offsite Tape Storage for your Business

We are living in the digital age where just about every business has to maintain a strong online presence, as well as use the internet to conduct business transactions and communicate with their clients or customers. However, this doesn't mean that a company that has been well established and running for many years will not need some form of secure storage for its records.

For many years a lot of businesses – both small and large – used to backup their data onto tapes before the use of laser discs or even 'the cloud' was invented. Many businesses still perform a back up onto tape even today!

Regardless of whether or not your company still uses backup tapes, many businesses will have built up quite a supply over the years. Business backup tapes contain a lot of sensitive and confidential information that you will still need to keep safe and secure and out of criminal hands.

In modern business set-ups where office space is very valuable, you will want to utilise every inch of space and use it productively. Dead space used for the storage of old business backup tapes can be very frustrating, as well as costly. Even when you have your own storage facilities on your business premises, that space could be better used for more current company documents and records.

Your tapes are also at high risk of damage from fire or flood, especially if they are being incorrectly stored or kept together with paper documents that are also susceptible to fire. This is why you should seriously consider secure offsite tape storage. Should anything untoward happen on your business premises, you will know that your tapes are safely and securely stored away from risks of flood, fire, theft and vandalism.

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