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Restore Datashred Confidential Shredding Services

Are you in need of any confidential shredding services? Then Restore Datashred are here to help you! We go that extra mile to ensure that your confidential data gets securely destroyed rather than falling into the wrong hands.

As a business owner, you may want to be as green as possible. While the use of recycling bins in offices across the UK are positively encouraged, it is your duty to ensure that only the right sort of paper recycling goes into them. Should any old documentation that contains sensitive data make its way into an open recycling bin, then you are exposing your company to a lot of risk from identity theft as well as the consequences of breaching the Data Protection Act and the GDPR ruling.

Should any confidential data fall into the wrong hands, then it can put your company at risk financially as well as causing serious harm to your reputation. Whether you need to dispose of documentation that lists your company financial data, or contains confidential client or employee information, it is essential that you have the paper securely shredded.

What this can often conjure up is a picture of an employee standing for hours on end each day feeding your paper-based documents into a paper shredding machine. However, securely disposing of your expired paperwork isn't as simple or as straightforward as this.

Auditing your paper trail

Should you try to handle the disposal of your confidential waste internally, then you really are not giving yourself a proven audit of your paperwork. Hiring professional confidential shredding services, such as those offered by Restore, can ensure that you will be disposing of your documents in a secure manner.

On-site confidential shredding services

You can choose to hire our on-site shredding services where we will bring our professional knowledge, skill and expertise to you. Our on-site confidential shredding services will help you to maintain your privacy by shredding your paperwork on your own premises. This means there is zero risk of any confidential information making it off your premises intact.

Once completed, you will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction that you can use to prove that you have complied with current data protection laws and can account for the safe disposal of your confidential paperwork.

Outsourcing your confidential data shredding to Restore is very beneficial because it will save you a lot of time and effort too. Rather than having to struggle with an office shredder that offers very poor performance, you can make good use of our very large and powerful industrial strength shredding machines that can handle bulk documentation destruction in only a few short minutes.

With Restore Datashred services you can quickly and easily get rid of expired paperwork without compromising your data or risking it being lost to identity theft criminals. You can also free-up your in-house staff to better concentrate their time and effort on something more productive for your company.

Off-site confidential shredding

If you have a large amount of paperwork to dispose of, and you cannot accommodate our on-site shredding services on your premises, then you should consider using our off-site confidential shredding services that operate with full security right from the collection of your documents to their complete destruction.

Find out more about our on-site and off-site Datashred confidential shredding services, or contact us here for further help.