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Restore 'In Focus' – Max Colley, Warehouse Manager – AKA; ‘Boy Colley’

Max has been with Restore almost since our inception in 1995. He is well known by staff at our Redhill office (where he is based) as he possesses a positive attitude to work and life in general, as well as appearing on many of our posters thanks to his winning smile (although some may debate that!). When he initially came to Restore it was only for a week of work... That was back in 1996. Since then he has risen to the position of warehouse manager, handled an estimated 750,000 items of data and helped supply hundreds of customers with their document requirements.


Facts and Stats

Position: Warehouse Manager
Years at Restore: 17 (In which time Max has had ONE sick day, beat that!).
Role Model: David Beckham – “David makes me proud to be British because of his hard working attitude and charitable work (as well as coming from Man U!).”
Sports Team: The mighty Manchester United.
Hobbies: Playing football and Photography.
Favourite Film: Coming to America – “Anything with Eddie Murphy, I must have seen this one at least 15 times!”
Responsibilities: Organise morning deliveries, ensure picking is done swiftly and correctly.

Favourite Restore Story   -    The Great Bird Invasion of 1999

“Back in the early days when we had little of the technology and equipment available today, and ladders were the warehouse workhorse, we had a bird invasion. I had to chase the tiny bird around, climbing up and down, from the front to the back of the warehouse. Eventually he landed up high in an empty box and I managed to sneak up the ladder and trap him. A quick call to the RSPB and a bit of hand rearing saw him avoid the secure shredder this time!“


Changing Times

Max has seen it all first hand here at Restore, 17 years in which the Records Management industry has been transformed by regulation and technology.  I asked Max what the biggest change in his role has been.

“The introduction of barcode scanning has been massive. Now we can accurately manage boxes and documents with greater security and efficiency. The size of Restore has also changed my role greatly, from working from a couple of small data centres to massive warehouses across the UK. It’s great to have seen the company grow from strength to strength.”


“I would like to thank Paul Smith for his constant support throughout his time here and making working at Restore so enjoyable.”


And from the team:

“One of the most helpful people I’ve met and just a nice bloke.”

Gary, System support

“Max is always smiling and cheerful :)”

Linda, Accounts

“He’s never stressed. Cool at keeping Cool.”

David, Warehouse

“He’s just so helpful”

Wendy, Business support

Top Bloke, always happy, infectious smile. I think this comes from cycling to work every day, still remember the day he arrived on his daughter’s bike J. ”

Stuart, Sales

“Max is courteous, reliable and hard-working. You can depend on him to go the extra mile.”

Dan, Accounts


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