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Reduce Company Down-time With Offsite Storage

Being able to recover your company information and data is important if you find yourself in a situation where disaster has struck. Offsite Storage from Restore allows you to backup and store your digital information in a secure and safe facility which can be accessed when you need it.

About Our Offsite Storage Services

Have you contemplated how you would go about recovering your business if an external disaster hit. If a flood or fire destroyed all your devices which held the information about your business? 

Have you thought about how you would build your business back up in the event that a virus took a hold of your system and wiped all of your data from your systems? Viruses have made the headlines recently, re-highlighting the importance of having a secure computer system and backing up important information. 

Our offsite storage service allows companies to backup their vital digital information and data and store them in a secure facility. You have the peace of mind that the information is being kept securely and that Restore can help you in reclaiming your business if a disastrous situation did occur.  

We have two ways of securing your peace of mind 

  • Off-site Storage - Computer tapes, CDs, DVDs etc are stored physically They are monitored and managed as part of your backup procedure. We provide a secure, stable and environmentally controlled facility. Our barcoded asset tracking can give you online control of deliveries and collections to suit you.

  • Cloud Back-up and Disaster Recovery - We can recommend installing software for an automatic backup system. This will assist in managing the data cycle from single PC’s & laptops right up to complex backup solutions for larger organisations. This option is particularly suitable if your business needs to dip in and of your information. 

If you would like to find out more information about how Restore’s offsite storage can help your company recover from downtime caused by disasters such as floods or viruses, contact us on: 0333 220 9356.