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Professional Heritage Storage in the UK

Restore Records Management understands that many of our clients are in need of specialist heritage storage facilities to safely store away precious items of great value and significance. It is not just businesses and corporations that use our services to provide them with safe storage for paper-based files, tapes and discs. We also cater for organisations such as museums, libraries and art galleries that need to safely store away a large portion of their valuable artwork, exhibition pieces, archives and rare artefacts.

We are happy to offer our heritage and specialist storage facilities that meet with the strict criteria set by the consultative group for this type of storage. Our Heritage storage solutions include environmental, security, fire and flood protection and building qualities that meet PD5454:2012 regulations.

As well as securely holding your heritage items within thermally controlled buildings to aid their conservation, we also offer a bespoke retrieval system that allows you to track and request material for retrieval. This makes the planning and rotation of your displays and exhibitions easy to manage. Our Heritage storage sites are strictly managed, but our procedures do allow for our clients to gain access for work purposes, so for example librarians and curators will be able to visit our secure sites to work on their collections whenever they need to.  

Climate controlled Heritage storage

Depending on your individual needs, our Heritage storage facilities have been equipped with specialist 'air-handling' equipment and Desiccant machines to strictly maintain and control the climate within our dedicated temperature controlled storage vaults. The temperature within these controlled vaults conform to the  temperature and humidity guidelines of PD-5454:2012. The vaults also comply with fire protection regulations BS.5839.

Our innovative Heritage storage solutions are mainly used by art galleries and museums, but we are open to accept storage of heritage items from any company or organisation that is in need of our services. You can be assured that your valuable heritage items will be safe and secure in our fully monitored and protected storage facilities. Our Heritage storage solution doesn't cost the earth either!

We offer our clients a very flexible service that includes great affordability at cost-effective prices. The service is ideal for the heritage sector because we can provide bespoke storage in atmospherically controlled rooms to help preserve and conserve heritage pieces. When you need to collect your heritage items, you can rely on our specialist uplift service that was designed by experts in the field of specialist storage.

You may be surprised to learn that our Heritage storage system is based within Oxfordshire, contained in ex-Cold War aircraft shelters. These are quite iconic and historic structures that carry a prestige all of their own. The added benefit of using this type of storage structure is that the hangars were made to be bomb-proof, fire proof, damp proof, pest-free and flood proof. An ideal location to store your precious heritage items!

Restore offer a wide range or storage solutions across different business sectors. We cover all types of storage from company records and paper-based files, tapes and disc files, to rare heritage items and vintage goods that need extra care.

If you are unsure about what sort of vintage storage you require, then contact us at Restore and we will be happy to discuss your unique storage needs and requirements.