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Quoting from IDC/dazeinfo I see that:

  • Blogs online: 173 million
  • e-mails sent 2010: 107 trillion
  • Yahoo Hadoop cluster: 82 petabytes
  • Hours of video - YouTube every minute: 60 hours
  • Tweets posted to twitter every day by its 140 million active users: 340 million
  • Objects stored on Amazons S3 cloud service by end 2011: 566 billion
  • 845 million monthly active Facebook users resulting in an average data collection each day off: 15 terabytes

And here am I adding to it, not sure what the fuss is about, compared to the archives in our storage centres! Of-course the above statistics mean related archives and document storage, all which needs does it affect you ?

What is not quoted is old fashioned cup of coffee or wine bar meets, who would like to join me !