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Keeping Your Company Information Safe and Secure

We have all heard of the terms identity theft and fraud where criminals have obtained critical data by deception whether by telephone, online or documents. This is not only limited to individuals but also can extend to companies and even corporations. Never has it been so important to keep your information safe in this fast paced digital age where obtaining lines of credit is almost at an instantaneous speed.

Protect Yourself and Your Customers

Having sensitive information in paper form is in itself a risk and the security and privacy of that document may not only be important to your company but also your clients and/or customers who have entrusted you with their personal information. It’s vital that the disposal of such paperwork and information is carried out in a comprehensive manner ensuring that no data or information can be retrieved. One common method is document shredding, however not only can this be time consuming but often personal and small office shredders are not 100% guaranteed to shred the paperwork effectively. This is when it makes sense to hire a document shredding company who can provide you with a shredding service, who can offer to shred onsite or to remove your documents and shred on your behalf.

Effective Shredding Service – Peace of Mind

Using a shredding service not only guarantees that your documents are shredded effectively but can also save you time, labour and money and give not only yourself but your clients peace of mind that by using a secure document shredding service, all data and information is safe.

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