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Keeping Confidential - Paper Shredding Services

Disposing of Information


When it comes to your company’s paperwork and disposing of sensitive, private and/or confidential information it is vital that you ensure that these documents are destroyed and disposed of properly. Using an office shredder doesn’t always destroy all the information contained within the documentation and besides that it can be a long and laborious task should you have a lot of paperwork to destroy. Then on top of that disposing of the shredded paperwork afterwards in a secure manner can also cause complications.


Professional Shredding Service


The solution is to use a professional paper shredding service, where they can either provide a service of shredding your paperwork onsite or removing and shredding at their own secure shredding site. Either way this can save you time and money, letting you to get on with more important tasks without having to allocate unnecessary labour to get the job done. 


Specialist Equipment for Shredding


When you use a document shredding service they have the specialist equipment to ensure that none of the data or information is retrievable and can also dispose of the shredded paper in a secure manner giving you the peace of mind the information contained within is properly disposed of, whether it be company data, confidential client information or sensitive reports. You can also arrange for them to shred documents on a regular basis either onsite or off depending on your requirements and you will be surprised at how affordable this service is as compared to you taking on the task yourself.


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