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Information Guardians: the Next Generation

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ was the message from the superheroes theme of this year’s IRMS conference in May, a theme Restore took to heart before the event even happened. We may be the largest UK-owned records management business, but we continue to value and encourage innovative thinking, individuals’ contributions and agile business ideas. So when we heard from Sunny Seregen, a newly qualified information officer at Brighton-based Sherwood Solicitors, with a plea for funding to enable her to attend her first IRMS conference, we rode to the rescue… With some last-minute string pulling behind the scenes, we were able to provide Sunny with a ‘Restore bursary’ – funding attendance and accommodation at her first-ever IRMS conference. 

So, how did it go, Sunny?

“I definitely made the right decision to be a records manager! I found the talks fascinating and it was great to chat to such a wide range of people about the finer details of information management. They offered practical advice that I’ve since used at work to make sure I maintain the highest professional standards. It has shown me the value of continued professional development. Unfortunately, bursaries are still an ‘innovative’ idea, as organisations seem unaware of how much talent they are missing out on because of the financial obstacles some people face. It shows how Restore is a forward-thinking company by their decision to offer a bursary. A bursary not only creates huge positive changes for the recipient, but also enables the sector to diversify so that new ideas and approaches are brought to the table. Right now, my aim is to establish my career and take every opportunity I can to learn more and grow my professional skill set. I plan to focus on the records management opportunities and challenges in law firms and, ultimately, become a leading specialist in this area. Above all, though, after attending the conference I was offered a permanent contract at Sherwood’s which is a fantastic kick-start to my career.” 

Good luck, Sunny! We look forward to hearing more about your next generation guardianship of information…