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The top priority is to keep a company’s data safe and secure. The second priority is to keep the cost down. Right?

So if you had a blank canvas and the world was perfect you’d have two data centres one for live data and one for disaster recovery. In addition you’d make data backup tapes of the DR centre and store them in a secure bunker. Job done! Just one problem, it’s too expensive for most of us! So, here’s a solution that might just match your budget. Restore have always done off site document and tape storage but they’ve now opened a new Data Centre to provide the complete on-line data storage and DR Service.

The new service allows customers to backup their data across a secure link (VPN) to the Restore Data centre. At the data centre a technician makes a backup tape of the data and the tapes are then stored in a secure location. Clients can then recover a single file (or RESTORE it !) directly from the on-line system or they can request a tape through their on-line ordering system.

So what makes this service affordable. Read more: