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Free your office - Offsite Document Storage

Accessing Your Documents

When running a business, having access to your documents can be a key component of doing business, some companies employ filing clerks purely to handle the filing and retrieval of important documentation but this still has its limitations. There is also the nightmare of incorrect filing or complete loss of important documentation which can all cost money, so the solution is to opt for a safe and secure offsite document storage solution

Offsite Document Storage Explained

By eliminating paperwork from the office, having it digitally scanned and stored offsite gives you multiple advantages, these include; Access from anywhere over a secure server, easy to search system to find documents quickly and efficiently, freeing up office space and finally fast access to all your information. Bringing your office into this smart digital age means you can spend more time on the more important aspects of your business and have peace of mind that all your important information is safe and secure in your offsite document storage solution.

How Does Offsite Document Storage Work?

When you opt for offsite document storage, you can arrange for all your paperwork to be scanned in onsite or taken away and scanned, once all the information is stored you can also arrange for further paperwork to be scanned in on a regular basis depending on your requirements, all your information is stored on a secure server and you are provided with access keys to the information, this can be restricted to various levels for individuals to ensure privacy. Because you can access from anywhere you are no longer chasing documents, having to have them faxed over to you and can literally have all your documents with you anytime, anywhere 24/7 giving you the freedom provided by an offsite document storage solution.

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