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Document shredding - All the facts you need to know

Many businesses have most likely been through the dilemma about what documents need be shredded or not at least once. This is a common predicament and one that needs to be clearly outlined in order to make sure that your data is always secure and disposed of effectively. Here at Restore we are going to give you all the facts you need to know about document shredding and answer some questions you may be asking yourself! 

“Why do documents need be shredded?” 

 It is often the case that in the workplace some employees often throw away important data without even really thinking about it. Even some documentation that may appear to be confidential could threaten the security of your Company, so it is crucial to be careful about what you dispose of. 

Apart from it being the law to discard confidential information that could threaten the safety and security of your business and customers, it’s also just common business sense to destroy this type of information. 

Here at Restore Document Management we can offer you shredding services so that you can dispose of your sensitive information and abide by the law without worry. 

“What documents should I be shredding?” 

Many employees often panic about the type of documents they should be disposing of correctly. The fact of the matter is most departments within a business are going to come across documentation that should be shredded rather than thrown away at some point or another. 

Parts of the Company where this is most likely to happen include: 

  • HR 
  • Product Development 
  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Accounts 
  • IT 

It’s also important to identify the type of documents that need to be destroyed. This may include sensitive information about the business, its employees or even its customers. 

Documents that you are most likely to come across that need to be shredded may include: 

  • Employee Data 
  • Payroll 
  • Customer information (This may include phone numbers, addresses and emails) 
  • Strategy documents 
  • Appraisals 
  • Medical information 
  • Budgets 

Are you still unsure about the type of documentation you think needs shredding within your business? Here at Restore we can offer you a FREE audit to identify and advise you on what may need shredding and the best way to fulfil your requirements. To find out more about this you can contact us today on 0844 725 5540 or fill in our contact form and we will arrange an audit for your Company.