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Document Management Services Help To Conjure Up More Time For You

Companies have legal responsibilities for the data they gather, and mismanagement can carry heavy penalties. It's perhaps not surprising then, that the majority of organisations dutifully carry on absorbing the costs of managing their paper documents and digital data without stopping to consider the alternatives. Often the cost and constant drain on resources are damaging to the core business - it seems an infuriating but necessary activity.
Experts in document and archive management, Restore, understand that for many organisations, taking data and document management out of house is a giant leap. They are leading providers of a comprehensive range of secure document and data services for some of the most demanding clients in the UK. Restore takes care of the documents of 4,000 UK public and private sector organisations, including small and medium enterprises as well as blue chip companies.
Here are a just a few statistics about the nationwide service offered by the company:
Restore cares for 15 million boxes in storage for major archives and other organisations
Restore scans 800,000,000 pages annually
Restore recycles 500 tonnes of material every single week
Still not entirely convinced? With so many aspects to consider, from the appropriate kind of storage for your paper archives right through to compliance with the Data Protection Bill; it can often help to learn from others. Let Restore's clients, from local authorities to solicitors to heritage management and retail, tell you of their positive experiences with Restore on the company’s website.
With your current documents and digital data under control, you might even find time to let your imagination roam a little. Paper free - is it really possible? It's certainly considered to be sufficiently important that it deserves its own day, which is the 9th November. Contacting Restore now might be your starter for 2018!