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Confidential Shredding Services - How Shredtrack can help

Here at Restore Document Management we are always coming up with new innovations to ensure that you are getting the most out of our confidential shredding services. This is why we have designed a unique web-based collection service software to help you keep track of your collections using a digital audit trail. Often described as an “electronic filing cabinet”, Shredtrack is suitable for both small and large businesses who want to keep up with their project status or keep a record of all current and past certificates of destruction. 

What are the features of Shredtrack? 

Order Materials or Services with ease 

One of the many benefits of using Shredtrack for your business is that you can order a range of supplies from one place, from confidential paper sacks to security tags. 

Multi Account Access 

With our Shredtrack software you are able to manage all the Company information from more than one account. Using this enables you to have access to destruction work orders and certificates for all areas of the Company, making it easy to keep on top of. 

Flexible Shredding times 

Are you worried about scheduling in time to destroy your important documents? Don’t panic as we will come to your workplace and empty your secure waste bins at a time and date that suits you, whether that be on a weekly or monthly basis. Have you waste bins become full before the emptying date? Through Shredtrack you can request ad-hoc collections without this affecting your usual scheduled collection date. 

All information is stored in one place 

An advantage of using our Shredtrack software for your Company is that all of your documents are easy accessible and stored in one place. Whether you want to access your invoices from us, or check your certificates of destruction, you can keep track of it all at the click of a button. Does your Company have to produce an annual Corporate Social Responsibility report? With Shredtrack you have unlimited access to these reports so that you can show your business is remaining compliant when it comes to its environmental impact. 

Ongoing support is available 

Although the Shredtrack software is simple we know that sometimes everybody needs a helping hand, which is why our dedicated team are available to help. We ensure that you gain the maximum efficiency from our software, and if you have an issue, we’ll get straight on it for you! 

Do you want to find out more about how Shredtrack could benefit your business? Visit our website today or contact our team on 0845 603 5616.