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Archiving vs Backup
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Archiving vs Backup

It’s not one or the other when it comes to Backup and Archiving.

While both options are used in data storage, a vitally important component of any business, some businesses often interchange the terms and concentrate on one or the other. Some may use Backup if they need to recover files or guard against files being lost, whereas Archiving is used if a business needs to retain and access data but may go long periods without using certain pieces. By only using one option you may be missing important features of the other.

For example, in the case of a ‘data disaster’, you may need to recover data urgently and this wouldn’t be too much of a problem if you used Backup, with IT professionals often operate a tried and trusted data protection process. With Archiving, however, it may be difficult as it may involve duplication and the systems that are used may vary widely and not be able to recover a whole server for example.

Access to your data, however, is usually easier with Archiving. Archives are designed to store smaller and more individual objects, like databases, files, and even emails. Because of this, you can access specific files quickly and easily. Whereas with Backup, data is usually stored in bulk because they are normally called upon to back up entire servers – making it much harder to pinpoint those campaign figures you sent over to marketing back in 2009!

In some cases Archiving can be cheaper than creating an entire Backup system, but when using Archiving exclusively businesses sometimes only keep one copy of a file- if it goes it’s gone forever.  Both systems are excellent if used correctly, but picking between then can lead to inefficiency or worse, important data loss.

It is the balancing between security, retrieval, and cost that a reliable and efficient records management service, like the one offered by Restore, comes into its own.

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