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Archive Document Storage at Restore

Here at Restore we are able to offer you a range of different storage options from tape storage to archive storage. 

Have you ever considered how document storage can benefit your business?

There are many reasons why Archive storage can help your business, and we are here to tell you how! 

Easy and Fast Access

Archiving your documents with Restore means you will always have easy access to your documents. We provide you with the option to order your documents online, over the phone or online, and with our fast access they will be delivered to you within hours. 

Take away the hassle  

Using Archive document storage means that you will no longer have the hassle of having to store your important documents yourself. No more worrying about accidentally deleting the wrong file, or even losing files! 

Save space on your servers

Why waste the space on your servers when you can hand your documents over to Restore? Most of the time we do not use a lot of the documents we have saved on our own servers. They are just there in case you do need them. So why not use our document archiving and we will take care of it! Archive storage enables you to have more space for more recent documents and makes your document handling much easier. After all, nobody wants to be spending their working day searching through hundreds of documents!

Safe and Secure

We understand how important it is to keep your documents safe and secure, especially the confidential ones. Here at Restore we can guarantee that your documents will always be safe and secure so that it minimises the risk of your server going wrong.

As you can see there are a lot of reasons why Archive document storage can benefit your business, but what could happen if you don’t use Archive storage for your documents?


We all know that computers aren’t always reliable. Viruses are sent round, spam… you name it. Keeping all of your confidential files and documents on your computer can be a huge risk. If something was to go wrong – or even your computer broke you would lose everything without a backup. This is why Archive document storage can be very important. It can save you money in the long run as you are guaranteed safe, secure and fast access to your documents with no risk of losing them.

If you think that Document Archiving is something that could benefit your business then contact Restore today on 0844 725 5540 or visit our website at